1. Macrocosmic Musical Instrument
    EGR Ensemble

  2. Armitage Arts: Summer City in a Garden
    Armitage Arts

  3. Concert at Fred Anderson Park
    Jon Hey Sextet

  4. Armitage Arts: Summer Edition
    poets and musicians

  5. (Ir)reversible River Stories
    Braided River

  6. Armitage Arts at Rosa's Lounge
    Armitage Arts

  7. Armitage Arts at SRBCC
    Armitage Arts

  8. Envisioning Green Cityscapes

  9. Lunch Buttons

  10. Chicago Calling at Powell's Books
    Chicago Calling Arts Festival

  11. Crossing Borders/Peace: 7 Voices

  12. Chicago Calling at SRBCC
    2014 Chicago Calling Arts Festival

  13. Sunset with Miro's Chicago
    Sculpture Ensemble

  14. Chicago Calling on WZRD
    Chicago Calling Arts Festival

  15. Devotions with Music at the Baha'i Temple
    Baha'i Temple

  16. Intergenerational Banned Books Week Event

  17. Talking with Extinct & Endangered Animals

  18. Performance at the Chicago Temple
    Rhizome Bloom

  19. Tonight at Noon -- 2nd Set
    The Míngtiāns

  20. Tonight at Noon -- 1st Set
    David Boykin

  21. Chicago Calling at The Yellow Book
    2012 Chicago Calling Arts Festival

  22. Harvest Fest: An Interfaith Arts Celebration
    Harvest Fest at the Peoples Church

  23. Chicago Calling at Elastic

  24. Chicago Calling at SHoP
    2012 Chicago Calling Arts Festival

  25. Bicycles & the Arts
    Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival

  26. Speaking in Tongues at Powell's Books
    2012 Chicago Calling Arts Festival

  27. Silent Spring at 50
    Silent Spring at 50

  28. Summer Solstice Interfaith Arts Event
    interfaith arts series

  29. Bloomsday Performance During the What You Will Festival of Improvised Music
    What You Will Festival of Improvised Music

  30. The Next Objectivists & Ulysses
    Next Objectivists

  31. Ulysses & You
    Bloomsday 2012 & Ulysses' 90th

  32. Excavating Arts and Activism in Illinois and Wisconsin
    discussion at Mess Hall

  33. A Celebration of Silent Spring at 50
    Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore & Participants

  34. Allan Johnston & Chicago Phonography Performance at the Evanston Art Center
    Allan Johnston & Chicago Phonography

  35. Tim Hunt & Chicago Phonography Performance at the Evanston Art Center
    Tim Hunt & Chicago Phonography

  36. Translating 2010

  37. Chicago Bauhaus in July
    Bauhaus in July

  38. Concert at the Velvet Lounge

  39. Telematic Concert at WNUR
    ensembles at Mills College & WNUR


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